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Joseph - Organic Spelt Ale

JOSEPH is a WIT, a real Wheat-beer. It is brewed from SPELT. Spelt is "poor-man's wheat". Spelt is a very old member of the wheat family.

New interests in health-food are reviving the demand for Spelt. The fruity, slightly acid taste of a real WIT-beer is here present, and it is enriched by an exclusive taste and aroma, that you don't find in any other WIT-beer.

The color is yellow, and cloudy, because of the nature of the beer (Wit, unfiltered) and the refermentation in the Champagne bottle. It is a very light and refreshing beer, 100% natural, brewed along the finest artisanal Belgian traditions. Maybe the only spelt-beer in the world.

Roll the bottle before opening!