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Mukuzani - Made from 100 % Saperavi grapes. Georgian Wines and Spirits have maintained the pride of the Georgian Winemaker when making Mukuzani. The wine is soured from the very best wines of the vintage that have been fermented at controlled temperatures and with selected yeast strains. The wines are then matured for 3 years in oak to give the wine-added complexity and flavor.

Mukuzani is considered to be one of the best of the Georgian Dry Red wines made from Saperavi. The wine is deep red in color with obvious brick tones in the glass. The oak characters are present but do not overpower the subtle blackberry fruit tones found on the nose. The palate has obvious blackberry fruit tones and is softened by the subtle oak maturation that has added complexity and age to the wine. The wine drifts across the palate with consistent dry tannins supporting the ripe fruit characters. The wine can be aged for further five years for those with an interest in the wine as it adopts some earthy bottle aged characters as earlier vintages have done. However it is recommended that the wine be consumed within the first two years for maximum enjoyment of the rich flavors.