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Okocim O.K.

Okocim O.K. is a fine and delicate brew, deriving its quality from a recipe which incorporates the best of indigenous Polish hop varieties, luxurious barley and only the softest mountain water. The beer itself reflects the purity of these ingredients in its taste. Okocim O.K. is instantly refreshing. It is quite soft and impeccably balances the aromatics of hop and malt. The pure water of the Tatra mountain range is the most important ingredient in Okocim O.K., giving it a pure finish and making it universally enjoyable.

In celebration of the Millennium, Okocim brewery has brought back an old handcrafted favorite, Okocim O.K. In Poland, the beer came to be known as "Stawski's Beer" due to the neck label stating "imported by Stawski Distributing". The neck label currently reads "Stawski" both in Poland and the United States.

The O.K. label remains mostly unchanged from its original design from forty years ago, which is testimony to the spirit of this brewery's vision. The beer itself helped define "Polish Pils style", which in turn separated Polish beers from the many other European brands.