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Murfatlar Pinot Noir

The vineyards of Murfatlar, on the Black sea, happen to have what Pinot Noir requires. The soil is hardly soil at all. It is really more gravel and rock, made mostly of limestone. While this may not sound like a very good place for, say, tomatoes; it is exactly what makes for excellent Pinot Noir grapes. The grape vines must stretch and struggle to acquire the nutrients and water they need to grow, and in this the flavor and structure develops, long before the grapes are crushed. Murfatlar's Pinot Noir appears transparent reddish/rose in the glass with excellent luminosity. The aroma is of ripe strawberries, red berries and strangely enough, saffron. There is some aspect of terroir or "sense of place" with Murfatlar Pinot Noir. The wine has excellent fruit, with soft strawberry and red fruit flavors which become more structured and angular towards the crisp finish. There are many Pinot Noirs from France and California, at five to ten times the price, that are not as well made. Serve Murfatlar Pinot Noir with dishes such as pork roast, squash, antipasto, f owl, poached salmon or simple cold-cuts. Murfatlar Pinot Noir pairs well with cheeses such as Muenster, Caerphilly, Swiss, Appenz.ller, Spanish Manchego, or Camembert.