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Old Jock Ale

Brewed in the heart of the Scottish Border Hill Country from where, for centuries, Scotland has recruited soldiers for her famous Highland and Lowland Regiments. The Scottish soldier—familiarly known as ‘Jock’—is renowned and respected the world over. These powerful fighting men, in the tradition of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace, enjoy robust beers in their off-duty hours. Old Jock Ale is a tribute to them—and a “wee heavy” brewed to satisfy not only their lusty thirsts, but those of discriminating beer drinkers of every clan.

Dark copper in color, with a malty/fruity nose, this soft, medium bodied ale is just slightly sweet up-front, with malt and a hint of licorice throughout the palate, and more complex fruit mid-palate and at the finish, which lingers pleasantly. Less sweet than and not as “thick” as most Scotch ales, Old Jock could be the inspiration for the immortal words of Scottish poet (and brewer) Robert Burns: “We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet, For auld lang syne.” For auld lang syne or any other occasion, Old Jock is truly a cup of kindness for beer enthusiasts.