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Kavaklidere Selection

Turkey is the fifth largest grower of fresh grapes in the world and has been producing wine since Noah planted his vineyard on the slopes of Mount Ararat. Kavaklidere Winery makes a wide variety of white and red wines. They export almost 20% of their output to the USA, Japan and the European Union. Kavaklidere wines, in the over 35 years in which they attended national and international wine competitions, have won more than 300 medals, including 15 international medals, proving the stability of the production and high level of quality.

Kavaklidere Selection Red is one of Kavaklidere’s prestigious wines. It is produced from the most distinguished grapes. Selection Red is bottled after it is rested in the barrel for a long time, and the process of aging continues in the bottle. Selection Red has a dark red claret coloring and an aroma of red fruit, spice, and red currant. It has an astringent, full-bodied, dense, and vivid finish. It is a good match with the special cuisine of red meat or game and almost every cheese. It is served best at room temperature.